Sometimes, I agree with Death Penalty, Sometimes

When you make the news, its either something really good or something really bad. In other words, its worth talking about. I am presently reading todays paper. On page 6 and 7, I had to stop and reread every title because it just did not make any sense.


-A few dozen cows perish in a fire

-Biker snitch not ready to confess

-Died because he took a piss

-From one burqa to another

-Elderly couple found dead in their home

-Death by steam in sauna, Russia


Thats pretty random, if you want the article about how you can die taking a piss, and youre curious about it. Its simple, guy crashes into electric pole, and while waiting for the ambulance, his bladder gave way and he relieved himself on a high voltage electric wire. It happened in Montesano.


My reason to complain is in that very order: death, organised crime, death, Muslim extremists, death and then more death. Its a pretty gruesome page, and Ill let you guess which article I read first. The one about Muslim extremists, because its the only article that gets me pissed off.


Todays article, a Muslim of Egyptian blood got kicked out of a government funded class to teach our Countrys official language. SHE FILED A COMPLAINT TO THE GOVERNMENT, and plans on suing them. Has it come down to this, using, our money, our legal system, our time, to defend another countrys cause within our own borders?


I remember a murder case, it happened in Toronto. The victim is a boy who flirted with a girl. The accused is the father of that girl, a Muslim extremist. In court, under oath, he said to the judge and jury and whoever was present:


Of course I killed him. In my country, I am allowed to do this; he has defiled the honour of my family


 Obviously, he said it with the heavy accent that I just cant bear hearing nowadays. THEN, he proceeded to attempt walking out of court, right after admitting to this. Verdict? GUILTY.


Speaking about honour, a little closer to my home now. Three girls and their aunt were found in a car, in a lake, dead. No signs of pressing on the brakes. No sign of trying to swerve out of danger, no sign of trying to break a window or free themselves. Collective suicide? HA ah, btw, I need to mentioned, we only knew that the aunt was an aunt because the father and mother of the three girls said so.


Getting warmer on what happened? Ill give you a clue; the older girl was dating a boy. Both families are Muslims by the way.  The difference, the boys family allowed their woman of revealing their face and were less text book perfect about the Johnny dos and Johnny donts.


What happened, the aunt was actually the second wife of that man, not an aunt to the daughters. They hid it from the authorities when they first came to OUR country. Second, that aunt was the mother of that elder daughter, and she was also filing up a divorce because she was sick of his ways. Third, the father, first wife, and eldest son are all guilty of four different 1st degree murders, one for each victim.


They killed the elder daughter because she was defiling the world by showing her love to a less dedicated family. She wasnt a virgin, and her mother was disgracing the family by having the woman filing up divorce and not the man. The mother, she died for the divorce issue. The two other daughters??? Because lets not forget about them. They died because they showed signs of acting like the older sister.


They say this is what they called Honour Murder, where death is accepted as long as your honour has been stained. People blame America for wanting to fight back a terrorist war. They may point at the wrong country, but the rest of the world shouldnt point at America. They should point at the people that want payback because their ego has been scratched. Americans are defending, not attacking. I am proud my country has troops out there, helping out America. To get rid of that common disease. America, dont think youre alone out there my country also needs a reminder that our troops are also putting their lives in danger for us, the home front.


Yet then again, when you make the news its either pretty bad, or pretty good if extreme Muslims are on the same page as death, organised crime, death and more death. Dont go thinking its good news.

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