Sometimes it is good to be a man.......

Only in America where our brightest and most brilliant people study such important things as a cure for cancer and DNA testing and ways to extend our natural resources do we now study this... Somewhere somebody has studied and found that if you are a male and if you marry a woman 15 years younger than you that your life expectancy goes up another 15 years. My first instinct is to ask did Hugh Hefner fund this study and decide on the results? Then I think why in the hell didn't my father tell me because he had to know and this is something that all older guys knew and were not passing it down to the next generation. Wait, what if you are a 100 years old and you date some woman who is 85 years old, does your life expectancy go up and is that a good thing? I dont know how many times I have thought of dating a 19 year old only to worry about being looked upon as a creeper or being an outcast by people, well hell that is now changed because I want to live longer and nobody would blame me for wanting a young girl in the name of longevity.........right? COME ON when do I get my break? Now the down side to this is, it's not the same for women so if you older gals are out there creeping on young guys then STOP IT because I am only doing it for science and you are doing it for your own selfish reasons. God I love Science and tomorrow you can find me standing outside of the neighborhood high school and look upon me as a man of science not a creeper. Now if I got this figured out right, I am 51 and if I marry a 19 year old then I can live another 30 years.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 06/03/2009
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