Sometimes You Gotta' Smack a Bitchpuppy bad boy whatever

There are a few sayings that really make me want to smack people who use them. For some reason, when I hear people mutter these words, it pokes at my sanity like a drunken husband waking a sleeping wife at 4am on a work night, reeking of beer, cigaretts, pickles, and English Leather aftershave, wanting sloppy sex. This blog section is the perfect forum to share this so I thought I'd hop up on this bad boy and write the puppy.

BAD BOY. If you refer to anything other than a misbehaving child as a Bad Boy you should be smacked. Swiftly and on the face. You are a jackass of the worst order of magnitude.

PUPPY. Let's agree on this puppy. If you call something besides a young dog a 'puppy' I'm going to take a newspaper, roll the bad boy up, and hit you in the nose with it.

LITTLE. Chicks are mainly guilty of this. They try to trivialize something you enjoy by using their little adlective. Example: "You can just have fun with your LITTLE buddies at your LITTLE poker game." I want to smack them in the head and rattle their LITTLE brains!!!

WHATEVER. Let it be known that from here forward, it shall not only be legal, but mandatory to smack someone, regardless of age or gender, if, during an argument, they respond with the word, "WHATEVER..."

If you are offended by this blog, please leave your little comments. WHATEVER...

Uploaded 06/10/2009
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