Somewhat response to Snugglymuffins' "Dreams..." blog.

Snugglymuffins' blog completely reminded me of a few recurring dreams I've had over the years thatare a little weird..


One of my favorite recurring dreams is when I have a really special friend. Like someone I care about a lot and means a lot to me.


It happened twice. Once with my granddad, and another with my old friend Dakota.

The dream basically goes at a water park kind of thing, and I always end up having an amazing time with the person, and we end up on a water log ride type of thing that has a bunch of hills and curves. And that's basically it. But it's like they're the best person in my life at the time. I haven't had that dream in a few years.


Another is a pretty freaky one that I've had about 3 or 4 times. It goes like this: I'm at an amusement park somewhere, and it's extremely dark and cloudy, and all the rides are rusted and look broken, but they work fine. There's creepy clown music in the background, and there's people everywhere, on the rides and stuff, but everyone is dead. Like laying on the ground and limped over on the rides, like they all died right there. And I'm always really scared in this one. I always wake up crying after having this dream.


Anywho, I can't think of any other recurring dreams right now. I have a lot more that I'm really trying to remember though. I'll post another blog eventually when I remember some more.




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