Species Named After Celebrities

Believe it or not there are a lot of newly discovered animal species that scientists have named after celebrities. These are the top 5, actual celebrity-species names, followed by some explanation as to why they were so named...

Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi
A spider named after Neil Young. It makes sense considering that it was discovered sitting on a porch in the woods, playing acoustic guitar and crying. Furthermore, upon x-raying the soulful spider they discovered it had a heart made entirely of gold. 

82802268.jpegSylvilagus palustris hefneri
A bunny named after Hugh Hefner. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Thing is though, the real reason this species was named after Mr. Hefner is because - like the real playboy bunnies - these bunnies have had extensive plastic surgery, as well as syphilis and daddy issues. 

Agra katewinsletae
A beetle named after Kate Winslet. Why? Well you see how this beetle is holding on to that worm? She's actually whispering to the worm, "i'll never let go" but about two seconds later she TOTALLY DID LET GO, the worm died, and Celine Dion wrote a song about it.

Bootylicious Fly
A fly found in Australia named after Beyonce for its apparently bootylicious golden butt. Researchers felt the name was appropriate after finding the fly secreted a jelly-like substance that it fiercely protected, shouting I dont think youre ready for this jelly.

Hyla Stingi
This tree frog is named after famed singer and Police frontman Sting. Its a lot like Sting in that most people find that they hate it for some reason but cant really pinpoint why. Also, its really into tantric sex.

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