Spel It Write Dum Shyts

I know I complain about a lot of things...and this will be no different, I guess. A lot of things have been pissing me off in the blog section lately. Sindicate has mentioned one of the biggest airs I have (yes, yes...."Canada Sucks"), so I'll leave the multi-account thing alone.


No, my problem as far as this little rant is concerned has to do with the complete destruction of English as a written form of communication.


I'll be the first to say that not all of my ramblings and scrawls are spelled perfectly...but I've never resorted to that bullshit texty-type way of communicating that seems to be so prolific these days. Is it that much harder to type the word "for" instead of using a numeral? It actually takes me longer to put the number than it does to write the word. Now, on a cell phone that may be a little different...but this ain't no fuckin' cell phone. A kid on here actually wrote me a private message about one of my comments where I tore into some cock-bag over a racial comment. Here's what he wrote: "Dudes, that was BR0074L!" What the shit does that mean?!? I asked him, and he wrote me back saying it meant 'brutal' and that I was a dumbass. I don't remember 'brutal' being spelled with two "O"s, let alone a seven and a four. Jerk-off kid. I wish that little shit could read so he would know I just made fun of him.


Using this type of language is fine if you're trying to get a point across or be ironic. I've got no beef with that. What really chaps my silky-smooth ass is when people use that form of communication either in a blog or when commenting on a blog. Someone went to all the trouble to write in proper form, at least show some respect and write back in proper form...good comment or not. And what's with all the short-ass blogs people have been leaving? Most of my comments are longer than the blog itself! And the spelling.....OH!....the spelling. Its reminds me of some old man in a hospital trying to beat the clock on life to sign over a new will to the nurse who gave him a randy-handy when the family wasn't around. "2 my nurse I leave all my stuff 2 N-Joy 4 B-ing GR8 2 me. Peaz." Talk like a normal human being! If Hellen fucking Keller could write in proper prose you should have no problem doing it either.


Maybe we've gotten lazy as a society. Maybe people are stupid. Maybe I'm out my ass, complaining worse than a Jewish man at a deli. Who knows. All I'm sure of is that I hate seeing laziness in writing. If you're gonna leave comments for eReps, go to the main pages and scrape through the trash. If you're going to give some funny, disgusting, thought-provoking or asshole-ish response to someone's work, do it in plain, easily understood English. Fuck I hate that shit!!


...I also hate John Stamos, but that one will have to wait.



Thanks a million-billion for reading,

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 01/09/2009
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