Stalker enabler, And Dairy Queen.

Last night I was watching t.v and it was like 3 in the morning, Well that would make it this morning but that is totaly besides the point. Anyways this infomercial came on for this sound aplifyer thing. The little announcer person was talking about the uses of this thing and it was pretty normal, Or so I thought.

" Watch t.v without disturbing others, Enjoy the sounds of nature, Keep an extra eye on your kids while they play.....Listen in to tohers conversations"

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!

Why the hell would they advertise for you to sue it like that. Thats fucking creepy. Like I can udnerstand that people are probally going to use it for that but you dont have to advertise it with that. What if some crazy ass stalker guy/girl was watching that, Bought it, and then went all crazy phsyco on their stalkee's ass.

And they said it so casualy, Like come on. Its not like lsitening to someone else's conmversation from across the street is normal, Thats just fucked up.

An a completely irrelivant note.

Friday night Me and Nichelle went to dairy queen because our friend works their and we were buying weed frmo him, And im kind of curious. Why do they even keep dairy queen open during the winter. Nobody in their right mind buys icecream in the middle of winter, Well I do but Im fucked in the head. If somebodys wants icecream Im pretty sure they can buy it at a store, But to go and buy like a blizzard or something is jsut unusual.

Speaking of icecream, Im going to go get a bowl haha

Have a nice sunday everybody :)

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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