Stern Exposes Dumb Obama Supporters

Before the last U.S. Presidential election, the staff from the Howard Stern Show went out on the streets to get some heartfelt opinions on who citizens would rather vote for, Obama or McCain. Only in a hilarious (and ingenious) method of experimentation, they purposely switched up information on the candidates and their policies in an effort to determine whether a race factor was directly involved in peoples' decisions.

Questions like, "Do you mind if Obama is against stem-cell research?"... "What do you think of Obama's VP Sarah Palin?"... "Do you care that McCain is for abortion?"... resulted in enthusiastic answers by African-Americans for Obama, regardless of how incorrect the information was or what he did or didn't truly stand for in policy.

Playing these on-the-street interviews proved to be such an enlightening piece, it resulted in some angry, ass-hurt phone calls. It didn't seem to help people's ignorance so much, though, as Stern was at it again just a few weeks ago, this time mixing up the facts regarding Obama vs. Romney.

Yep, you heard it. Some of these people don't even know Bin Laden's been shark bait for quite awhile now. Or if you're one of those conspiracy theorists that wanna say Bin Laden's still alive and in a bunker somewhere, it still would miss the point: these are ignorant fools that live their lives without even trying to keep track of what's going on in their world. Whether it's via the Post or the fucking BBC.

"...and they all vote."    -George Carlin
Uploaded 10/24/2012
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