Stimulating the Economy

Wow...So it seems that I was right about some thing when it come to the economy and the Bush administration...

everyone can put the blame on the bush administration and bush himself for the outcome of the unstimulated economy...but the only people to blame for these problems that we are facing with the economy is the four large private financial institutions that are lending credit and mortgage to millions of people that cannot pay the companies back...the banks, and the citizens.

so what does the government do?

certainly not let the four banks fall and bring the US to a third world country and obliterate a world wide market that would create a depression far worse than the Great Depression...
no, they save the fucking financial institutions by buying all the faulty mortgages from them...then they tack on a bill that would be paid in full by the tax payers.
it's a difficult choice, but it's a lot better than the alternative.

but this still means that taxes are going to fuck your world. by a TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS

so please, by all means, thank Morgan Stanley, AIG, and Lehman Brothers for lending to insuffiecient people... and thank your neighbors for overspending and not paying their fucking mortgage. and most of all, thank your government for not taking federal aid and action soon enough.. i.e. 20 years ago when the dollar was strong and a new world market was bounced back into a recession.

And now I'm hearing that Russia is ready to sell weapons and arms to Iran and South America...AKA ainti air missle and even nuclear arms.

Uploaded 09/19/2008
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