Stopping of pay for the Military a Reality?

Its been awhile since Ive been on. Modded on ebaums, and or just been on the internet Period except the little spam BS I did. But all in fun and a quick
"I'm Alive".

Now its far from it 
For weeks the DoD has been saying that military pay will likely be put on hold if the federal government shuts down.

All of us out in Afghanistan are kinda nervous on this. This seems odd to many of us since military pay has been exempt from government
shutdowns over the past 30 years, including the big 21-day shutdown of 19951996 Desert Storm/Shield "Clinton Regime" .
So why would they be willing to stop military pay this time?

Today the White House confirmed their intent to stop military pay if the budget impasse is not settled by April 8.
So again, one has to ask, why they are so willing to dangle that threat, especially while our troops are in combat.
It seems the best answer is the simplest answer the Obama Administration is holding military pay hostage in an attempt
to force congress to pass the FY 2011 budget.

What other reason would the Secretary of Defense have for hanging his own people out to dry? Why else would the Commander-in-Chief 
be willing to cause panic among the service members and their families during time of war? A fucked up Political gamble? Moving on......

Call it political gamesmanship or hostage taking, either way the outcome of playing chicken with military pay is the same panic
as service members and their families fret over the prospect of not being able to pay their bills. And Many of us live paycheck to paycheck like everyone
else. Thank god I have savings but that was tords my vacation from a 1 year tour over in this shit hole, 5 months and a wake up. I digress.

Turning the budget impasse into a hostage negotiation may work to break the stalemate, but the long term collateral damage will not be pretty.
The mistrust and anger toward the DoD and White House especially the for willingly putting military pay on the table will likely cost the leadership
in political capitol. AND IF THIS HAPPENS. ITS A BREACH IN CONTRACT! But yet if service members dont show up to work they get Court Martial, I wont
since I have anywhere to go except outside the wire. How they will justiy this is probally paying partials or a quarter of the pay, if this does happen.
All in All, Democrats will pay in the next elections do to lack of trust. Good for Republican..... But both sides are equally greedy in my opinion.

How about if you really want to fuck with our pay pull us out of the War, Keep Operations out of Libya, and do what the Administration promised from
the beginning.........That will save a buck or two. "Trumped"
Fuck, It's bad enough I've missed 2 of my son's B-Day's and been away for so long.

Hope & Change= Bolshit for service members, especially Marines.  All pure Political BS from the start all for a vote. 
But if this plays out tomorrow for the worst, it will get ugly fast. But I have a feeling Obama will come up with a Master last second Plan,
and fix everything.Then the ratings go up for him. Political Smoke and Mirrors But like 9/11, we won't forget. But truly I hope for
the best do to the military Families at the home front while were gone. They'll have to deal with the brunt of the wrath. 

Lastly..........There Are 3 things you DO NOT Do to a Marine. 1) Don't fuck with our chow time. 2) Don't fuck with our Liberty & Leave, and 3)
AND MOST IMPORTANT, don't fuck with our pay. Our lives our hard enough and we don't ask for much in life....Just saying

P.S. Thank you to the Staff and fellow Mods, and ebaumers for the support you've shown me these past 7 months. Hopefully these next 5 fly bye.
And soon I will post a gallery of the wild and wacky world of Afghanistan. Until then........Later

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