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My Grandfather was a creative and mischievous young man. I would like to share a story because i recently went through some troubles with the law. My grandfather grew up in a town called Drezna very small population at the time he explain to me that the police officials were less than a handful at the time which made it easy to get away with a lot of mischief this particular story is about getting revenge on police officials and causing general disorder. My Grandfather and his buddies would hang out in the back alley way of the general convince store and gamble, drink, fight and run from the politsiya. My grandfather arch rival was named Abram this officer was know by the whole town as being just a general power drunk dick.

My grandfather being the cunning and cleaver man had enough of Abram tyranny and hatched a horrible prank to get him back. My grandfather and his buddies dug out a huge trench in the alley they would normally loiter, after the hole was dug out they would urinate and shit in it till it was filled they covered it with dirt and rocks to disguise it as a part of the alley way. They waited for Abram to go into the general store and buy his usual rounds and come out. When Abram stepped out my grandfather and his buddies would throw rocks at him so Abram would chase them down, as they ran into the alley way. As soon as Abram turn the corner he ran directly over the shit and piss covered hole and was instantly covered from head to toe.My grandfather stated that the feeling of pulling a fast one on his arch rival has never been so sweet.

I write this story to you guys cause I recently had a horrible run in with the law but everything worked out for the better. Im leaving work early to go pack. Im going to be spending a week with the love of my life rin. Enjoy the story I have plenty of other great stories my grandfather has shared with me I will be blogging more often.          

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