Strange Redundant Redundancies

1. The state of being redundant.
2. A superfluity; an excess.
3. Unnecessary repetition.

re·dun·dan·cy (rî-dùn¹den-sê) noun
plural re·dun·dan·cies

Why say it twice?

A.M. in the morning

ABS braking system

academic scholar

added bonus

advance scout

affirmative yes

all inclusive

and etc.

ask a question

at this point in time

automatic ATM machine

baby calf

bare naked

beautiful vista to look out upon

boat marina

brief moment

burning hot

CAT test

Chicken Coq au Vin

chili con carne with meat

circle around

clam chowder soup

climb up

close scrutiny

cold frost

commence to begin

complete stop

completely unanimous

consensus of opinion

convicted felon

crystal clear

deja vu all over again

descend down

duplicate copy

elderly senior citizens

empty hole

empty space

ending outcome

essential necessity

exact replica

extreme hazard

false illusion

favorable approval

female daughter

final farewell

first priority

foreign imports

former veteran

freezing cold

future plans

good success

grateful thanks

growing greater

hanging down

honest truth

hot water heater

I remembered back

ice cold

income coming in

initially from the beginning

it's raining outside

join together

killed dead

knowledgeable experts

latex rubber

little baby

live witness

manually by hand

mental thought

money-saving coupon

More than unique--it's practically one of a kind!

near vicinity

New & Improved

new innovations

Not one single person

oral conversation

other alternatives

P.I.N. number

passing fad

past history

personal friend

Pizza Hut pizza

plait a braid

postponed until later

previously recorded

prior history

protective armor

puppy dog

refer back

return back

Rio Grande River

round circle

safe haven

SAT test

separate out

shrimp scampi

small child

soda pop

soup du jour of the day

spinning around

still remains

surrounded on all sides

tear apart

temporary reprieve

three triplets

toys and playthings

tuna fish

two twins

unexpected surprise

unmarried bachelor

unsolved mysteries

usual custom

V.I.N. number

wear upon

widow woman

written down

youthful teenager

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