Strength and Character where have you gone???????????

 I dont know how to tell you how crazy life feels

I look around for the friends that I turned to to pull me through

Looking into their eyes I see them running to


       J. Brown


I have a friend who I have known for 25 years and we have hunted and fought and even did some manly crying when it was allowed. lol The other night I get a call from him and he told me he heard about my problems and how I was going to counseling and stuff. I am thinking good ole Frank always there when you need him most and then he hit me with a question that floored me, Hey Bo how long does it take for cocaine to get out of your system??????? What the hell is going on because I have had a shady past but this guy NEVER. I told him I would try to find out for him and he said "I would ask around but I dont want people to know and you have never cared what people thought" I say thanks I think.......You just never know do you?  OK so how is everybody out there in the blog section?


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 12/16/2008
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