stupid goddamn people

ok listen up... no wait.. i don't really give a shit if you read this or not... but you won't ever get anywhere by copying and pasting other peoples shit... like news articles and jokes and stories like fan fiction and what ever

i'm not saying that i don't do it... i hella do it.. but not that often and only stuff i find to be funny...

but these people that think that they deserve credit for copying other peoples shit and reposting other peoples stuff.. you aren't going to get a high rating on it.. espically for a blog... like all the high rated blogs are newly made by people.. their own thoughts and ideas written down that took emotional and mental effort

this doesn't really aplly to videos for some reason.. you can get family guy clips or some other bullshit and compilate them and add music and some pictures and somehow get featured... because its "original"... all of my videos are of me and my friends.. i didn't really put them up there for your entertainment.. but more for me and my friend to be able to watch each other do stuff, not because we want to get somewhere online.. but more for your own personal enjoyment...

but if you are going to copy and paste a bunch of other random shit.. don't expect people to give ou a high rating.. they will first give you a a low rating or cuss you out through comments.. and have their internet friends move your thing down constantly.. .

so the whole morale of this... if you write original blogs, and don't bitch to much you might get somehwere on the blog page... but other then that you won't get anything except erep points.. which i have a blog about.. but yea.. stop bitching.. and yea i know i'm bitching.. but its the point of this .. yeaa... weak ending oh well

Uploaded 08/14/2008
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