Stupidity of people

When I go out in public everyday, I ocme across, of course, people. In This country of America, we have plenty of people, and plenty of them are idiots. The stupidity of others is not only annoying, but it risks the lives of others. My friend was just hit by a car, he went flying into the snow, got a comma, and had bleeding of the brain along with cracked ribs and a broken arm. The driver didn't even stop to see if he was alive. He booked ass and left him to die. Fortunately my friend was found. The stupidity of one person who gave me wrong directions, led me into an alley full of vicious dogs, not a drug dealer. The stupidity of my grandfather pissed me off for an hour while he managed to unplug all of the cables and wires for the tv. to fix it when all he needed to do was turn on the cable box. Why are stupid idiots out there. I think we can all agree that people out there bother us with their stupidity. Hell, my blog might piss you the fuck off if that's your opinion. But you know what? Who the fuck cares. We are all gonna die in about  year anyway!!!
Uploaded 02/06/2011
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