Sucker Punch

Every once and a while I see people review a movie they just saw so here is my review of Sucker Punch.
They call this movie Sucker Punch...because it is so bad, it feels like you got punched in the face after watching it.  Of course by this logic another acceptable title for the film could have been, "Face Rape."  I get that this movie is supposed to be more visual, but the acting was just awful.... and I'm sorry but once you have seen an attractive woman naked in real life, having a few hot ones shooting guns on film isn't going to make up for that awful acting.  (see Barbed Wire...or actually don't see it, but reference it for the sake of this comparison) And even the visuals were only cool for a short time, until they just had the girls doing the same shit over and over.  I can't think of one redeeming thing about this movie aside from the fact that it finally ended and there were a couple pretty cool remakes of old songs.  When it did end I had to physically slap my friend in the face for putting the movie on, which was especially tough because my friend is a chick.  But it had to be done.  I wouldn't recommend this movie to anybody over the age of 13, cause by that age you should be out there looking for real life tail anyway, and in real life the only bad acting the girls do is in the bedroom... but I can look past it.
-The End
Uploaded 07/05/2011
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