Lately, i have been reading all sorts of stories about kids who are killing themselves due to bullying and things of that nature. This got me to wonder, what type of person does it take to kill themselves, a strong willed or a weak willed? Think about it.

Think about the thought and the will power you use to actually say and go through with Suicide. I dont know about you people but if i try to hold my breath under water for more then 30 seconds, i panic and shoot up to the surface. But imagine, not. Not going up for air and just, staying there. To me, that takes a lot of will power. They have no idea what the afterlife is going to bring (or do they?) yet they just know that they can not stand another moment on this earth.

Now the other side, a weak willed person. To me, a person who kills themself has just given up. (Good job, you caught on that i contradicted myself, just wait.....) They have no more desire to live so they do as i just said, they give up on living. Weak willed people give up because they dont want to try hard or try to change things. So, like i said in my example before how i rise to the waters surface, these people just stay there, giving up. They have no more will to live.

I believe that if a person kills themself, they are both strong and weak willed. They are weak because they are giving up yet they are strong enough to end their own life.

On a side note, if your going to kill yourself, why not do it with style? Hanging yourself and overdosing are old school. Jump out of a plane, walk into a police station with a fake gun, do something thatll make the front page of the Times god damnit.

((((Oh, and Naxx, if you could tell me what my real account is so i could long onto it as your asking me to, itd be nice cause i got no idea what your talking about you fuckfaced homo. Go take another pic of yourself with your sad face)))))

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