First it is great to see Sparks and liquid skinner back on the funny pages. Now I have looked back over this past weeks blogs and I would like to enter my two cents. OK walboy wants to know why people hate him..........well wall I dont think anybody hates you but not only do you bring it on your self but you thrive on it or if you would like LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME or how about I have all these people who love me and all these friends but you still have time to be on here.....rolls eyes!! 


Rollo and Dirty both put great blogs out there and why people dont acknowledge them more is beyond me because Rollo has great cop stories and dirty, well hell guys entertainment is entertainment. I don't know if any of you have noticed it but majoarl84 (matt) is starting to comment more, usually that means he is getting ready to post some of his great stories and HELL yes I am ready. WOW came back on and who knows guys we will get entertained yet.


If you didn't look at cbears video you need to, it is quite interesting it really had me speechless and thinking more (this is not always good). How about SJG blogging before she got drunk? Maybe we can get a predrunk blog and then a post drunk blog as a warning of the dangers of drinking. lmao lol sorry but I thought this was funny. so shoot me. I love you SJG. I would like to say thank you to Awful for his blog about BIBLE, although I disagree it is still nice to hear from somebody who can have a different opinion than yours on such a touchy situation and he/she still have respect enough for the other person to not offend. Now that is a talent.  I know I have missed a couple of people and for that I am sorry but as I have talked about before my memory is somewhat slow. Damn I almost forgot to mention Red67, its like that sometimes you take for granted someone you respect and admire. Sorry red, come back home for good because they still have a real blog section not a thread and who wants to sew a pair of pants anyway?


I want everybody to know that I have no life and it is why I spend so much time on here and I really appreciate all of your efforts in this section we call BLOG. With the old people coming back and the new ones that are here this IS a better Blog section.


Thanks for reading Bohank

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