Super Smash Bros Brawl lyrics translations

Audi famam illius.
Solus in hostes ruit
et patriam servavit.

Audi famam illius.
Cucurrit quaeque tetigit destruens.

Audi famam illius.
Audi famam illius.

Spes omnibus, mihi quoque.
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque.

iuxta me.

Ille iuxta me.
Socii sunt mihi
qui olim viri fortes
rivalesque erant.

Saeve certando pugnandoque
splendor crescit.

The translation in the game:

I've heard legends of that person.
How he plunged into enemy territory
How he saved his homeland.

I've heard legends of that person.
How he traveled the breadth of the land, reducing all he touched to rubble.

I've heard legends of that person.
I've heard legends of that person.

Revered by many--I too, revere him.
Feared by many--I too, fear him.

Now that person
Stands at my side.

Now that person stands at my side.
Now my friends are with me.
Some of them were once heroes
Some, my mortal enemies.

And as we face each other in battle, locked in combat
We shine ever brighter.

Literal translation:

I heard his rumour
He rushed alone into enemies
and saved the homeland

I heard his rumour
He ran, destroying the things which he touched

I heard his rumour
I heard his rumour

Everyone's hope, mine as well
Everyone's terror, mine as well

next to me
He next to me

They are my companions
who once were valiant
men and rivals

Through savage competition and fighting
Splendour grows


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