Superman or a man who wants to be super??????

Do you remember the first time you realized your dad was not superman and just a man? For me it was when he came out of surgery for cancer and had his lung removed, I can still see the look on his face and how fragile he was. It is hard for us to find this out but what you can do is for once in your life really look and I mean look at the man before you because that is all we are just a man a human being with all its faults and weaknesses. Know this guys, when your child is born there is no instruction book and WOW do we screw up and no matter how hard we try we can not get it right all the time. I had something similar happen to me when my daughter was 15 and I was driving her and her friends to school and we had to go through this bad neighborhood and two guys tried to get into the car and up until that moment my daughters thought I was this big old teddy Bear but when I got done with these two guys I remember the look on her face "she was scared of me". Then a couple years later I was sick and then that fear was gone and it was replaced by insecurity. See as a parent you can never win you just hope by the time they leave they are not serial killers. lol


The first time you look at your parents as people want to know what has happened??????????? YOU ARE GROWING UP.


Thanks for reading Bohank


PS the reason this isn't posted on the OH GREAT EBAUM TV? There is nothing like this there. SO GET OFF MY BACK I will come over when they do but this is my HOME!!!!

Uploaded 02/10/2009
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