Support the troops, but not pointless violence and spending.

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    First off, yes I agree.  Our troops are not helpless kids.  In fact you are very capable and knowledgeable of your required tasks.  And hell, you are all doing a mighty fine job in my opinion.  But the support your troops and support this war are two things that you may have trouble differentiating.

    We got ourselves in to this mess and yes we cannot leave until we create some stability in the region.  This is America's problem because we entered into this situation with (and only with) false information.  We were told that Iraq was a safe haven for terrorist organization.  I hate to say this but it wasn't at all.  Iraq was very moderate until we screwed it up.  Saddam kept the peace and while he was not a good man, he was decent compared to a hand full of other leaders.  Also, WMDs.  We (the government) knew that there were none.  We knew that they had no nuclear program and were not perusing one.  They had no more chemical weapons (we claimed that they still had few unaccounted for, but thats because they were BLOWN UP BY SADDAM YEARS EARLIER). 

    Enough of my war rant because it really doesn't matter.  Iraq is a shit storm and should have never happened, but it did and we can't leave now.  We must stabilize the country and leave asap, but that won't happen for a long time.  For now we need to reduce troops and spending.  We need to get our troops effective weapons and not spend top dollar for ineffective weaponry.  Too many companies are using this made up war for profit while the average American suffers and our troops get less than satisfactory equpment. 

    So the Republicans want to save us money... I have one thing to say...  don't support aggression toward Iran...  You think America is spending too much now, wait until we start a war with a country friendly with Russia.

    So we need to do our best to eventually get out of the Middle East and stop the American persuit of primacy.

    Finally, i have this to say: I will not stop supporting the troops with my words.  You guys are doing a good job over there and need to keep up the excellent work... because you are more of a man than I for fighting this war and seeing it through to the bloody end.  Stay alive out there.



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