Syria? Maybe... Shippin' out.

So any way, got my unit got our new assignment. Another bull shit 13 months in the fucking gulf! What the fuck Obama, you piece of fucking shit. I am so tired of that part of the fucking world. But actually, at least this time it is to a place that most people want our help.

Iâve actually heard that from a lot of muslims lately. I mean personally heard this, that the rebellion over there actually needs us. For once, some one in the east needs mother green and her fighting machine. The only thing is the re-training in NBC gear and more un-proven and drastically untested meds.

But back to Obama, he could of sent us over there before things led to another chemical CZ. Instead he waits, and waits. Because mass killings of men women and children was not enough, but the use of Sarin is. Hmm, I wonder why. We tested VX on our own through the 50 and early 60s. But thats another story.

Im just more pissed that I get stateside in 12 days. And because of this, my leave request has been revoked allowing me only 2 weeks at home. Then I go back down to base and ship to Bahrain till they send us to some shit hole town.

Uploaded 06/19/2013
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