Tale to be told of truedom.

My journey to find strghtjckgrl began months ago in the strange woods of Oregon. There I was walking through brush to find the sexiest blogger who ever blogged on Trees all surrounded me. They were so tall that looking up I got the same dizzying effect from staring up sky scrapers from my native city. It was getting dark but I couldn't give up my quest. She was so sexy it made my cooter wet. I looked here and there, prancing around like a fucking gazelle with a sexy butt. Then it happened. I fell into a hole, like Alice. "Wake up bitch!" Water splashed my 18 year old face with perky, fat, red lips. I groaned because my head hurted. I slowly opened my eyes and two hot ass bitches stared at me. I gasped. It was Neko and strghtjcktgrl. I pulled to hug strght but my arms and legs had been tied to a post. Shit! Neko laughed maniacally. "You're in the wrong woods bitch." "Straight, how could you do this to me???" She hung her head. Neko snapped her fingers and two (also 18 year old and fucking sexy) girls came forward. They carried a huge mechanical device. It was so electrical, gears, cogs, steam. It rumbled and sputtered grease. Then, a huge flash of light. "WHAT THE FIZZUCK?!" - Neko. A gallant white stead rode into the cave, threw me a silken cloth to cover my nakedness. "Begone witches!" It spoke. Then threw me on his horse and rode off. I don't know what fucking handsome and delicious blogger this was but that day he saved me so that I might tell this tale. Because as soon as he lightly set me upon a tree stump his horse did a sweet stand on it's hind legs fucking thing then rode off. My cooter was so wet that I came buckets.
Uploaded 07/09/2013
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