Talk about holiday spirit.

Thought I'd share something I saw on my way back from work today. (btw work on a Saturday, FUCK THAT!)

Anyways, I was walking back from work this afternoon and was headed for my el stop to head home when I saw one of those guys in the santa suits and a bucket for collecting donations to salvation army. So i thought okay I got some extra change why not be charitable. Anyways as I was finding the loose change in my pocket I saw a bunch of kids (ages looked to be between 9-12 if I had to guess) come running after one another and one of them slipped on the ice and slammed right into the santa guy and nailed him right in the gut forced him to stumble and hit his head and then he dropped his drink.

So as I am walking away from this scene I hear this yell from behind me and it turns out this prick has the nerve to get up on these kid's face and started screaming "what the fuck is wrong with you, you little pricks, did you see what you just did god fucking damn this bs jobs!" so these poor stunned kids are frantically apologizing to the psycho santa and he just tears into them and drops the bombshell and told them all that he was fake and there was no santa. This was news to one of the poor kids who just broke down in tears.


Finally me and the adult with the kids went in the store and told the manager about this incident and then they found a cop who escorted this nut away from the store.


Anyways just curious if any of you all have seen or heard of any terrible holiday stories like this if so feel free to share

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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