Tattoo Ideas

I'm sure some of you sick fucks are going to give me some wild answers, but fuck it, I think some of you could give me some really good ones. I have my daughter's name tattoo'd over my heart, and for now that's all. I have a ton of other tattoo designs that I'd like to get, but I can't possibly get them all and I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to get and where.


I also wanted to get a massive tattoo that covers my entire back, just because I think massive back tattoo's are fucking awesome. But again, I can't think of an appropriate tattoo with which to accomplish this.


Well my brother Aaron, who is arguably the greatest man in the world (if he had run in this campaign, all of you would have voted for him I assure you) gave me the brilliant suggestion that I could solve both problems by selecting a handful of my favorite tattoo designs and assembling them into a montage on my back. I don't know why the hell I never thought of this.


Well, I decided to go with a military themed montage. I'm going to get an eagle across my upper back and shoulders, carrying an olive branch and a bundle of arrows ala the seal of the United States which can be found emblazoned on the tails-side of quarters, as well as most bills and the insignias of the highest offices of government.


I also intend to include the image of an M-16 struck barrel-down into the ground with a kevlar helmet on the stock and dogtags hanging from the pistolgrip, but I'm having a hard time thinking what else to include. Those two images alone won't be enough, there's still plenty of room for more... so what do you guys think? Stick with the military theme, and NO 9/11 TRIBUTES so please don't suggest an image of the towers or anything like that.

Uploaded 11/06/2008
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