Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.

Everybody wants to be their childhood superhero. Al Gore thinks he's Captain Planet, to satisfy his super-ego. Barrack Hussein Obama wants to be the beloved Robin Hood of America.

"Steal from the rich and give to the poor" echos out of the president's "pay their fair share" rhetoric.

Taxing the rich to pay for social programs is not a remarkable feat, nor is it as honorable as giving to the poor out of free will and kindness.

Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. It's not because greater number of people support an idea that it is the best idea, nor does it guarantee that it is moral. In fact, it oppresses the minority, the ones whose voices are hard to hear.

Obama exploits this flaw of democracy when he addresses the American people. He addresses the masses, the poor, the unfortunately less educated and those dependent of government assistance.

Obama asks the poor if he should raise taxes on the rich, and of course the answer comes: TAX THEM!

The rich can pay more, but is it "fair" that a person who works 2X longer work shifts to earn more get taxed at a higher rate than his co-worker doing the same job?

If everyone is taxed at the same rate, everyone contributes the same % to education, to highway construction, to military and so on from their pay.

If someone who earns $1M annually contributes 10% of his income to tax, he already pays a lot more taxes than a person who only earns $500K, also contributing 10%.

I personally think there should be a limit to how much wealth one person can accumulate for himself, $1Billion should be more than sufficient. There should also be a flat tax rate that can be subject to a 1% change annually, but it applies to politicians and garbage collectors alike. Those who are considered low-income earners should pay no taxes, until they can get their shit together and build their lives up. If they are incapable or unwilling, they can stay where there are and be content with paying no taxes.

But the poor should not grab for the rich man's purse.

Thanks for reading.

(I am purposely not addressing the US deficit or national debt)
Uploaded 12/07/2012
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