So by now everyone has noticed that your paychecks are a little bigger than normal. Well not really bigger, just more take home pay. this is because of Mr. Obama's tax cut. There are less federal taxes coming out of your check now, which in turn, give you more take home pay.

this is all fine and dandy, but what if i gave you a ten dollar bill and said this is for you, but in return, i ask for a five and five one's. you wouldn't have shit, you would have exactly what you started with. right?

i bring this up because of all the new taxes, i drink and smoke cigarettes, we all know those just both went up because of new federal taxes. i heard on the radio today that they are going to start taxing soft drinks with suger in them. im sure there are many other things with this new federal tax that i don't know about. also, im sure there are more goods that will be taxed more in the very soon future.

So why the fuck give everyone a tax break? just so they can spend the little bit of extra money givin to them on the (now more expensive) normal goods we all buy everyday.

Just seems fucking retarded to me. it's all a plot to try and make the democratic party look good. Make everyone think they are here to help the people. And there are those idiots who don't get this, and just see the extra money coming there way, so because of that Obama is god.


Uploaded 04/09/2009
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