Teach Children The Importance Of Being Slim And Healthy

I'm appalled at what some liberal douche bags are doing. Their anti-bullying programs are an epic failure in the world of psychology. As a psychologist (2 semesters on an uni, beybeh), I know what this stupid new trend will lead to.

Apparently, there's a new policy for schools to teach children that they should accept their obese peers and that it's not their fault (sic!) they are fat. Not only that - the children should learn to accept themselves and think of themselves as attractive no matter if they are slim or fat, because everyone is different.

Seriously? So it's not the kid's fault he or she eats like a swine, gulps down candy with coke. Of course, the child's parents aren't to blame for the kid's obesity - they accept the child's free choices and if the little hippo likes candy and doesn't want to work out, who are they to make their kid to do stuff? Are you kidding me? Are the modern sociologists and psychologists retarded, or are they doing this to get more money from future patients paying for therapy?

Obese children aren't normal. They get bullied because their peers are healthy. It's natural. Fatsos get diabetes and can barely walk. Bullying these pigs from early age gives them motivation. Some use their reason and slim down, so they can be normal when they are teenagers. They are MOTIVATED to do that. If they would be accepted, imagine how many more weak fatsos are gonna be part of the society. It's important to bully fatties, so that they wake up and do something for their health.

I was never fat, and you might say I don't get to judge. I eat healthy stuff and limit my sweets, so I don't get fat. I know the importance of being attractive. So don't give me any shit saying I don't understand how the fatsos don't have it easy. Seriously? Let's recap. I'm slim and lead a healthy life. I walk the stairs instead of taking an elevator. I don't dine in McDonalds and eat a lot of meat and veggies. So, a fatso feels it's unfair I get to be attractive and slim and they are fat monstrosities. That's why they keep eating cakes for breakfast and play Xbox 10 hours a day, drinking cola. Great logic.

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