Terminology and Imperialism Better Version

I intend for this post to be an elaborate discourse on the topics of terminology and imperialism and how these two notions relate.  Implicitly, then, I will be discussing America's role in modern-day imperial ventures.  However, prior to engaging in this discourse, I wish to clarify two important elements of my argument.


Element #1:  The United States: this is a geographic region to be understood, in the context of this discourse, to include only the contiguous 48 states - Alaska and Hawaii are constitutional violations that I will not tolerate.  I will not contribute to their national acceptance through a narative that includes them in the American population.


Element #2: Ventures:  These are not adventures; they are simply ventures.  If you do not understand what I mean by this, you are most likely a birth defect.


Now, for the body of my argument.  It has often been suggested that imperialism is a policy reserved for developed nations; however, those who would posit such a claim are inbred infidels.  These - Sorry guys... gotta cut this one short - my lemur has escaped his cage.

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