Thank You Obama

Thank you, for wasting half a billion dollars on  Solyndra. I am also going to thank you in advance for the twenty billion dollars you are going to waste on similar projects in the future. Here in Ontario your cousin Dalton McGuinty, Premiere of Ontario, is working in step to destroy our economy too, with similar failed or inefficient projects. Thanks Dalton, you da man!  Why do I thank you for these misdeeds? Because,  it helps prove man made global warming is a bunch of bullshit. If you believed it to be a problem, you would not waste that money to line the pockets of your supporters. It would be used wisely to save ourselves from ourselves. Instead it will further the divide between rich and poor, thereby giving fuel to piss people off so that they too might riot in the streets. 

Thank you, for Fast and Furious, putting illegal firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. This will further reduce population and give assholes a better hold on the drug trade. All the hate that will build up between the different cartels will ensure a more dangerous world for us all to enjoy.

Thank you, so much for putting more troops in harms way. This will allow them to kill more people who do not live by our western systems so that centralized governance can be applied to them as well. After all we are one people living on one Globe so we have to all live one way as dictated by "The One". You know of whom I speak. 

There is another man on your staff I would like to thank. I know you might be upset with him and if he doesn't go along with "The Program" he will probably be dismissed or transferred. This man is  General William Shelton, head of the Air Force Space Command,  who was pressured by the White House to allow for the potential weakening of  satellite GPS effectiveness and allow a private corporation to basically control the communications for the entire planet. I know Mr. Obama this honorable act might cost you a few bucks, but isn't it nice to know one of your Generals has integrity?  A rare and important resource inside the White House.

Here is a picture of a good man. Look at him closely. A dying breed these years.shelton.jpg

Finally, I would like to thank you for weakening the democratic system of government you have there in the USA.  Your success will allow all those who have rode your coat tails to public office to fall with you. This will further debase your party and by osmosis the Republican party and finally the whole God damned country. Thank you so much, you have proven yourself a man of the people, the people who tell you what to do and line your pockets.
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Uploaded 09/20/2011
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