thanksgiving weekend

all those canadian bashers out there who say celebrating tg in october is "lame" can burn in hile... you ae ki'cans every last one of you..... i hope every last one of you experiences ka-shume in the next week and lose someone very close to you....

on another note.... my thanksgiving was pretty chillin... me my bro, sis, parents, and sisters bf(according to my gp's hes a keeper...creepy...) went up to our cottage(my grandparents house) for tg... we left saturday morning bright and early and got there at idk.... 3....(bright and early ended up being 11...) and just sat and chilled all saturday.... my dog got to go for a paddle boat ride with my sis and her bf... it was cute, i have pictures and will upload them on request.....

sunday was just as chillin..... my grandparents friends wayne and lorlie came over for tg and to top off the creepyiness of the weekend so far we had a "family picture shoot" it wasn't that bad and it was very amusing.... wayne set his camera for a pic every 5 seconds or so... we ended up with 156 pics of various groups and poses.... some are very amusing and also somewhat retarded.... but it was fun....

we had turkey, and everything else thanksgivingy for dinner and banana cream, pumpkin and apple pies for dessert... then me, my bro, my dad and my sisters bf(alexis) took the dog for a walk and smoked a pair of joints then we went back and we all played cards until 11:30 or so then we all started peeling of so we went to bed(or at least i did.... massive burnout man......) my dad and grandpa passed out on the chairs in the living room, i slept on the couch in the basement and everyone else slept in their assigned beds....

that was pretty much the extent of my weekend...... i always thoroughly enjo going to my cottage whether my brother is a lazy ki'dan or not.... bty ki'can means shithead, ka-shume is a breaking of the family, and ki'dan means shit-for-brains....

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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