That fucked up of two drinks - IMPOSSIBLE !!

So two nights ago my friends and I went out to a local club called Crobar here in Chicago. Its downtown and not far from my apartment. There was no special occasion , we just felt like drinking and having some fun. We treated ourselves to a limo ride and a VIP secion . THe night was rolling along fine ,I had two drinks of grey goose and coke. I had two guys come up to me and ask me if I wanted coke or ecstasy. I told them to go to hell.

I wobbled around the club , ordered another drink , but set it down because I had to use the washroom. I  came back and finished my drink without any thought.

This is where the strange part kicks in. Literally, within five minutes I felt completely and utterly thrashed.

I told my friends and we decided to leave the club. They thought a walk would be a good idea , but we only got about a block away. Thats where I started throwing up violently. I couldnt even stand on my own and they had to hold me.

This went on for an HOUR. I dont remember any of it thats what my friends tell me. They kept calling different cab companies but no one wanted to take a puker in their car. They had to CARRY me ten blocks to my apartment where I proceeded to puke for another TWO hours.

The strangest part is I woke up in the morning feeling completely FINE. I had a huge breakfast without any quesiness. I had no hangover , nothing.

Thats why I think this was not due to alcohol. I always have a hangover esp after puking.

I wonder if someone threw something in my drink? Assholes.





















Uploaded 12/20/2008
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