That Was a Very Boring Debate.

What the hell happened in that debate? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. I started to nod off halfway through due to the incredible dullness. Staring at two talking heads with smirks on their faces as the other one talks is good for maybe thirty seconds. Seriously, I know I fell asleep halfway through, but if the second half was anything like the first half, I might have slit my wrists if I was able to stay awake. 

It was all the same rhetoric, no new ideas, no searching for answers. Just smart ass smirky faces and babbling jowls. You hear and see all the time that America is sleeping, that it must wake up. No wonder it's leadership is ball sack boring. How can anyone get excited? It'd be like cheering after observing a squashed grape for an hour. 

Anyhow, apparently the pundits are saying Romney won the first round, based on what I do not know. Perhaps he had the snarkiest of stares. Obama smirks away from the camera, while Romney stares straight into it as though everyone else but Obama knows what's going on. 

Uploaded 10/04/2012
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