That's it...I'm starting my own religion

Some of you might remember my exploration of my experiences with religion from last year. No? Well I'm not popular after all. In any case, I have never found a proper label for my world view. I don't care for any existing labels, which only describe part of what I think or just have negative connotations. So rather then keep trying to label something that apparently doesn't exist yet, I am going to found my own religion. I'll take suggestions for names and if this describes anything that already exists then tell me. Here are the precepts of my religion:

The human being is on a roughly equal footing with other animals, plants, and natural forces.
humans are a part of nature (as is everything), rather than superior to, or separate from it.

There is no entity called 'nature' out there any more then there is an entity called 'physics'. nothing is ever separate from nature and it is not a place, a feeling, an entity, or a state of mind. It is not to be treated like a divine force, but it is to be respected because it is in every way determining our lives.

In death, all organisms return to the community of life and they nourish new growth. This track that once represented the life of the living will continue in another form.

All life requires death, all death brings life, often life means violence. Life, death, and violent acts are not to be revered or feared, they are just a part of life.

Humans are not inherently flawed, sinful, wicked or any other such nonsense. They may be a part of a flawed culture that makes their actions destructive and malicious, but the species itself is not exceptional in any sense. Not special or divine and not sinful or evil.

Consciousness is connected with physical matter. It ceases upon death. This is a blessing, not a curse.

Do not waste your time seeking the aid of gods, spirits, demons or anything else like that. If they exist they don't interfere with human lives and you should be grateful that you can truly be alone in your own mind.

All things are connected, though it may take a bit of figuring to understand how. Every single action is good for some and evil for others.  For this reason there are no moral or immoral actions, though we must be mindful of the implications of our actions and the effects both seen and unseen.

When we cause suffering we are also alleviating it somewhere else. we must each decide if we can live with causing it before us, and we must remember that our continued life is causing suffering we cannot see.

There is no actual purpose to living, no great meaning and nothing ultimately matters, but we are each possessed of a desire for identity and we should respect our need for one.

If an act causes no obvious, provable harm to ourselves or anyone we are connected to then that act should not be condemned or prevented.

We should not extend ourselves with deceptions about caring for all of our fellow humans. We are not designed to do this and it is impossible. we are designed to maintain a tribe of about 15 and no more then that. Don't get mired in self loathing over your lack of empathy. Anyone who tells you that they have empathy for strangers is either lying or mentally ill.

Life is mainly about pleasure and you should not deny yourself any unnecessarily.

all feelings and even most perceptions are the machinations of a biological machine with a survival drive. recognize that there is nothing special or separate about any of your feelings, they are just chemicals and tricks of your identity. they exist only because they are part of your experience and only superficially that way. enjoy them if you must but don't be ignorant of what they are.

You are just a machine for the most part, and so is every other organism. in your every interactions with other organisms, no matter how you justify it, you are using each other in some way. it may be for chemical reactions, for identity, for something material, but you are. There is nothing wrong with this however. it enriches your experience. admit what you are actually doing and go on as usual.

All forms of interaction between organisms, be they physical or emotional, are equivalent assuming they still include consent. obviously rape is not equivalent to other forms of sex, but otherwise everything should be treated the same. prostitution is not an abhorrent thing unless you are prepared to say marriage is abhorrent, because they are the same. remember that everyone is using everyone in some way. monogamy is no more valid or acceptable then multiple partners or polyamoury or anything else that can be thought of.

always withhold judgment to consider that every decision is the result of a very narrow and personal set of inclinations and circumstances. your machine would likely do the same under the same conditions. There is only a limited range of free will for everyone.

(If I think of something else I'll edit)
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