thats tough

   when was the last time you decided to leave a pathetic but solid existence for one of promise and fruition, when have you truly taken the time to risk your life on a venture that you had little faith in that might prove lucrative?   When you flush your toilet with a jug of water and sleep to the sound of flies crawling on your forehead what did you do to change your lifestyle?   Fellow bloggers, I'm done with despairing comments about people needing encouragement in regards to their own life struggles, I want to hear what you would have done differently, just to be informed on options I did not consider before embarking on my quest from buttfuck Missouri to EL LAMENESS California.   Don't hold back, let me hear some truth, your stuck in a nowhere hick town where a future is basically a distant dream and hyped into moving a few thousand miles accross the country to live in poverty and a dream of what could be.   A chunk in crisis could use some advice, so don't be shy, and please, dont be kind, I need to hear criticism, for the love of christ, the last thing I wanna' hear is empty encouragement.
Uploaded 05/24/2011
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