The Abortion Thing

This is one of two blogs I have today. This, again, is not something I feel will become a spectacular rant for me, but I wanted to bring it up. 


For those of you who don't know, the guy who killed that abortion doctor has now attempted to raise the plea that the killing was justified because he was saving the lives of unborn children. Even though, by constitutional law, the doctor was not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong, this guy decided he knows better, and took things into his own hands, vigilante style. And now this is his defense.


... and the judge is allowing it. The judge is permitting the jury to decide, based upon this defense that the murder was justified because he was saving unborn children, whether the charge can be reduced to voluntary manslaughter, which of course is a lesser charge than murder and carries lighter penalties. 


Now, I can understand the legal technicalities that lead the judge to make this decision. By that state's laws, Kansas I believe it was, voluntary manslaughter is defined as murder in the circumstance where the perpetrator has "an unreasonable yet honest belief that the killing is justified". This guy certainly fits the bill. 


Problem is this: By making that ruling, the judge essentially just declared that killing abortion doctors is justifiable. If I were an abortion doctor, I'd be writing that judge a letter. Hey there "your honor", I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you here. Unlike you, I do NOT believe that killing doctors because they provide a perfectly legal medical service that you happen to think is immoral or inhumane is justifiable or acceptable. 


Next you'll have PETA murdering veterinarians at state-run animal shelters because they euthanize animals. 


If I were the prosecution I'd call for the entire case to be thrown out and retried with a new judge, on account that the current one is either incompetent, or else sympathetic to the defendant (meaning he agrees that killing abortion doctors to "save unborn children" is justified). 


I know some of you may agree with the guy, and think that abortion every inch the same as murder, and what this guy did to the doctor is no different than what the doctor did to those fetuses. To you I say: Take it up with Congress. If you think it's so cruel, then instead of sinking to their level, convince the lawmakers that it is indeed cruel and inhumane, and then it will be illegal and girls won't get abortions from doctors anymore. They'll do it themselves, with drugs or coathangers or self mutilation. Then you can be proud that you made a difference, and you didn't use violence to do it. 

Uploaded 01/12/2010
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