The Adventures Of Muhammad The Muslim Scum

I'm surprised American presidency candidates don't discuss the threat that is islam. It's amazing how far political correctness can go and that USA, or better yet, the whole civilised world didn't do anything for islam to be forbidden in non-3rd world countries. Many people like to speak about tolerance and understanding, but those are words that muslims don't understand. Here's a brief history about what Islam is, if you didn't know yet.

Islam - a religion started by Muhammad, who claimed to be a prophet, in the 7th century. The name means "surrender" and the religion is a religion of peace and dialogue. Meaning, if you're not muslim, the muslim should kill you, but... there's place for dialogue and during the dialogue you have 10 seconds to say you convert to islam and you're spared. Shit, that's some amazingly considerate religion.

What are the principles and history of islam? Muhammad was a pedophile ostracised by his community. Not only did they not allow him to touch children, they called him a pervert. Muhammad gathered a bunch of other pedophiles and they raided someone. I dunno who. Who cares. Then he said he was a prophet and married a 9 year old. He soon wrote the book of Qu'Ran which gathered the principles of his new religion.

1. You can rape women because it's their fault they let you.

2. If a woman gets raped it's her fault she seduced the rapist, you got to stone her.

3. Women need to cover 90% of their bodies. It's hot outside, they might get sunburned. 

4. It's okay to fuck kids.

5. Kill the infidels.


There's a lot of other shit in the book but I didn't read it.

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