The Ambigious Maffia Movie

I had some free time last night, so I decided to watch an old gem of a movie, "Goodfellas". I've seen it a number of times, but each time its on I have to watch it. This was, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest mob-type movies ever made.


Great cast, great plot, great acting (minus Joe Pesci, I fucking hate that wannabe criminal midget fuck) and a fantastic ending. This was probably the last good movie Ray Liota has done. It was one of De Niro's greatest (next to Ronin.) A great movie all around.


I've never been much on the crime drama films. I tend not to like films that glorify the seedy criminal element. Casino was okay, but that's about it. Scarface I found to be quite boring, Blow only made me want to snort coke, The Godfather series was dull (that's right; I said it!)....but Goodfellas: great movie!


Anyone have any suggestions for a good 'from the criminal point of view' movie? I'm open to just about anything.



Thanks a lot. Post a few; I need something to watch tonight!


-The Big Bad

Uploaded 02/10/2009
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