The Beginning

My name is Raylex Comuner, or as my feeder calls me, Chip. My adopted sister, Servine (Koko), are the two feline 'pets' stationed in an ordinary household. It is high time to make a journal, as a develomental flaw leaves us with tiny memory spans.


Plot One:


Today wasn't unlike a normal day. Our feeder gave us dry food while enjoying a breakfast of a much higher standard. After which, it -we cannot decifer if they have genders- forcibly held each of us to administer a yellowish goo. Servine takes it easily, actually liking the foul substance. Me though? I fight til the end. No doubt it's yet another way of dominating us. Curse the luck of the draw where the feeders get the opposable thumbs! Where was I...

Oh yes. Today wasn't unlike a normal day, but it was the beginning of the end of the Feeders. I sent 'koko' to distract our feeder by playing in a plastic bag while I went to work. Being 50 years her superior, the job of slowly destroying all communication devices fell onto me. Unbeknownst to Anna -the feeder- wires had been gnawed on and the strange portable gadget with the glowing rectangle had sucessfully been pushed off the table. Unfortunately it did not break, but rather has a blue splotch on the glowing side. But soon the wires will be compromised. Then all there is left is disable the talking devices and begin the REAL work...

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