The best sections of eBaumsworld

I've rated the best parts of this site. And it goes like this:

mature section>forum>live chat>front page>games section>blog>feech comment chat

Yea, there's also jokes, groups, news and all that, but nobody comes on the site just for that. There's one group of people who come on this site for only one reason, but they don't have a section. They're the uploaders. Their section is the upload button, and the ebones page. The just submitted section doesn't count because, trust me, they never check that.

The mature section is the best obviously. You have new porn videos and naked pics EVERY day, and some of them are pretty good. And the nice thing is it's free, and you won't get viruses or get hacked like on normal porn sites.

The forum section comes to a close second, because they too have a pretty good porn section called NSFW. It's mostly pics tho. Also most of the funny pics and vids you see on here, you can see them first in the forum. And they got a pretty crazy community there.

The chat room made it to 3rd place because you can see real naked chicks live...sometimes. They got a good community there, because you can't be a total fake when people can see you real face on webcam.

The front page has probably the most activity. You can see the best of what's been uploaded on the site. The majority of people who just check the videos and pics, probably don't even have a registered account.

The game section has some really cool free games on there. Maybe not black ops cool, but still fun.

The blog section has overtaken the comment section. It used to be that the blog section was a complete joke. Most people didn't even know it existed, and the few people that knew it existed would have been to embarrassed to post in it. It was considered the nerdiest section of ebaums. Now it got a lot cooler. Blogs are not written by forever alone nerds who take shit too seriously anymore. There's some interesting drama. And now you can even have videos in blogs.

The comment section or the feature "chat", to me is a separate section from "front page", because some people just come on this site just to chat in the comment section. And most of the comment section people don't even look at the feature. This section has nothing good to offer.

Uploaded 06/27/2011
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