The best thing about lesbian sex...

... is there's no jizz to swallow at the end!

I'm not a lesbian, not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend and we're very open to bringing home an extra pair of tits to our bed every now and then. A lot of people, gay or straight, argue that there's no such thing as bisexuality. I argue that it depends on the person. I think a lot of it has to do with whether or not they merely seek attention or if they really are attracted to both sexes.

Take my booker for example... she's an attention whore. Yes, she will have sex with this girl and that guy... but it's more about having all eyes on her. She is THAT girl who gets drunk at the bar and makes out with girls or proceeds to dryhump their legs or slap the cheeks of the men who she's been with who are talking to another girl. I wonder how her boyfriend of 4 years would feel if he knew just HOW involved she is with her female friends when he's at work.

Me, I have a tendancy to get drunk and prey on women, I'm guilty of it. But aren't we all guilty of some lewd behavior or another when inebriated? That's what I thought... But when I'm sober, I get just as huge of a chick boner for a hot girl jogging past my house in her ass-eating shorts and sports bra, boobs bouncing in perfect unison... MMMM thank you, Nike for making such short shorts and promoting that whole concept of women being able to wear whatever they want. Can you please market a sport thong next? But PLEASE, for the love of God, only manufacture sizes Xsmall, small, and medium. Any woman who fits into a Large or xlarge should not be wearing a thong to run in...

But i digress... I love a good pair of tits. Not those torpedo tits, the ones that form a ski slope as they reach the nipple. Those tits... are not for me. I love the way a woman's hipbones stick out just a little bit. I love a "well-trimmed" garden and the walnut or french doors that are beneath that garden. I love reading Men's magazines and getting oral sex advice and using it on them. I love going down on them like their pussy is an oxygen mask and I'm lost in space. In the words of Nicholas Cage/John Travolta in "FaceOff": "I could eat a peach for hours...."I love working my little hands up their vagina and reaching for their G spot. Fisting is so much fun. It's like wearing a life-size naked puppet. And strap-ons! Don't even get me started there (Too late!), it's so invigorating to pound against her ass while she takes all 7-12 inches of that flesh-colored piece of rubber while my bf holds the camera or face fucks this brave girl. The best part is they never see it coming! They never think that such a small girl lilke me could do so much to bring them to orgasm, or have such a variety of sex toys.

What it all comes down to is that I love the pussy. I have already found the perfect cock, so all I need now is to share that cock with the sexy, preferably non-smoking, ladies of southern california while I lick them into an oblivion. Those closest to me tend to agree that if I were 50 lbs heavier, I would be a serial rapist.

Sorry, was that TMI?

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