The big green cow

Ok she isnt really a cow, but man is she a bitch. She is one of the noon hour supervisors/Teachers assistant, and i swear she hates kids. (I will call her the bitch) It started last year when in cooking class one of the special needs kids forgot to bring an elastic band to tie back her hair, and and the bitch starts going off on this rant of how irresponsible she was for forgeting a hair elastic and then proceeds to say "well what if you didnt have any pants to wear for school in the morning? Then what would you do?" ok first off she is embarassing her infront of the entire class, and secondly, its a fucking hair elastic, so shut up, give the poor kid an elastic band and send her on her way. Then a few months later in woodshop i was bringing my project to the other room so the wood wouldnt be taken and used, and she chases after me and my friend and starts yelling at us that we didnt tell her where she was going, and that she was responsible for us, and all that crap, so my friend starts yelling back about how she (the bitch) was suposed to be helping the special needs kids and stop hounding on us at every little thing we did.  then a day later she was staring at the two german exchange students who were talking to each other in german and the bitch was staring at them with such hatred in her eyes that i swear it could have burned a hole in the wall. And all through the year at lunch, we would be hanging out in the lobby and she would grab one of us and point to someones garbage that they left on the floor and tell us to pick it up... WHAT THE HELL?

    So this year at the end of break the bell rings and she is standing there screaming "Get To Class! Get To Class!"... no shit sherlock, im sure that no one is going to go out the friggan front doors while your standing at there. And a few days ago my friend Tyler jumped on my other friends back, as to surprise her, (yes I have a weird group of friends), and the bitch comes over and starts yelling at Emily because Ty jumped on her back. Then yesterday Amber was trying to crack Emily's back (they link arms while back to back and amber leans forward to bend emily's back to crack it) and the bitch waddles over and yells at emily, because "I told you yesterday not to do that, go home, do it in your backyard..." and goes on and on about it... ok they wernt having sex for god sakes she was cracking her back. So when she waddled away out of sight and ear shot we started to make fun of her and one of my friends said " When my mom puts on a yellow jacket people yell taxi, well they yell school for you, bitch"

    Oh and we call her the green cow/bitch cause she always wears this ugly green shirt that just exuberates her size, and she dyes her hair this aweful red to cover her greys which makes it even more obvious that she is thundering towards retirement.

So my Question to you is, should we try to get her fired? (P.S. I'm sorry for the long rant and bitching but hey whatever give me your opinion)

Uploaded 10/22/2008
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