The blog section is retarded as fuck.

The title pretty much speaks for itself. You're all acting like a bunch of delusional, paranoid, dipshits. I'm beginning to believe that all of you must be on some sort of psychedelics to be this fucking paranoid, with all your he said she said whose alt is that bullshit. Get a fucking grip. 
Now with that said, the biggest problem with the blog section is MrsNekoJeans, and the way you all handle him. MrsNekoJeans has no merit or authority on the blog section, so stop worrying/paying attention to him. He's feeding off your attention, and the perpetual cycle of inane bullshit continues. Just stop it, seriously.. who gives a shit what he says or does.. he has no control over what you decide to blog about, just like you don't have any control over what he blogs about. Who the fuck cares, no one, blog about what you want to blog about and quit bitching and moaning. 
Yes, he has alts.. yes he can thumb and flag, but as you've noticed the blogs that aren't spam or that don't give away personal info stay up, regardless of the flags so honestly.. WHO FUCKING CARES. Stop feeding the troll, stop giving the troll attention.. Let the dumbass thumb you down and give you 1 star.. your blog is still up there for whoever wants to read it. Stop commenting on his blogs, stop commenting on his alts/followers blogs. Keep your comments contained to your blogs and the blogs that matter to you. This concept could not be simpler to understand. Ignore the troll, don't reply to his stupid as shit comments.. don't comment on his stupid as shit blogs... Shut the dumb egotistical piece of shit up once and for all.. by not giving him attention. Or just continue to let the blog section be a battleground for the mentally inadequate, it's up to you. 
Uploaded 07/19/2011
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