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Blogs help us communicate to a friend, or a stranger, or the whole net weather it's telling us a secret, or getting something off your chest, for example drinking vodka and haveing amazing anal at the age of 13, or telling us ur problem, or something bad like, a trashy low life neighbor, or telling us something good like meeting that perfect someone at the movie theaters and having great sex with them at the pool, or telling something random, because ur bored or u have no life....LIKE ME!

Anyways as I was saying, the blog lets us express our opinion, or get our point across, it creates friends, enemies, lovers, haters. The blog is a great feature we have in society. I encourage everyone to post blogs no matter what its about....(unless its spam, its fucking annoying), I'm an open minded person, weather ur an atheist, or a religious person (which I doubt...come on, if ur really religious, then y do u have an account on ebaumsworld?), nazi, black panther, guy, girl, gay, homophobic...etc...etc..., i'll like to communicate with everyone on ebaums. (sorry got off subject)....Blogs are probley the biggest thing on the net, besides fred on youtube...(that annoying bitch), My username is BLANKMINDED and ur gonna be hearing from me a lot on the blog....making them, replying to them, commeting them, and reading them....(cause i have no goddamn life), so keep blogging, n i will too!

Uploaded 07/17/2009
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