The C word: CANCER

Support the cure for cancer? I most will certainly will not! And it's not because I'm a spawn of Satan. On the contrary, it's because I'm a well-informed, caring individual who hasn't bought into the lie. Allow me to elaborate.

First, the truth pill: The pharmaceutical industry is BUSINESS. The sole objective of business is to make MONEY. Would you invest $10K in a drug company that cures everyone and then goes bankrupt? of course not. A "good" investment is one in a company that will grow and expand and keep selling drugs for many years. More patients means more drugs, more drugs translate into a fat wallet.
(I'm not addressing the research branch with this point)

Next, the so-called cures, the current methods of treating cancer have horrendous success rates (2%-5%) and are extremely dangerous. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the two prominent ones leaving out surgery, leave patients in a worse condition than before treatment and these treatments -take note- ARE VERY EXPENSIVE. The treatments themselves are known to CAUSE cancer! Is there a cheaper, safer alternative?

Cancer prevention. Causes of cancer can be environmental or genetic. Most of us have heard the "crazy conspiracy theories" that they are poisoning our food and water to depopulate the world. Well, one thing's for sure, Agriculture itself has turned into a money generating industry, where quality is reduced to augment profits, to a point where they literally are poisoning us: GMO corn grows it's on pesticide. And this corn is now in everything! From the cereal you eat in the morning, to the milk coming from dairy cows fed GMO corn, to the steak that was once GMO corn fed cattle, to the cookies you have for desert. It's practically in everything. Check your labels if you're skeptical. And corn is one of hundreds of possible suspects that cause cancer. Among the other candidates, chemicals and preservatives, radiation, vaccines, birth-control pills, heavy metals, etc.

The point I'm making: The cure for cancer is a farce. It promotes dangerous treatment in the name of profit, and hurts society economically and health-wise. Preventive medicine is the answer to the cancer problem: proper nutrition would result in an EPIDEMIC of good health, and healthy people don't spend money on treatment. Fuck the drug pushers. (big pharma spends more on marketing than research)

Only you can prevent cancer.
Uploaded 10/24/2012
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