The C-word in Grade School

These days the C-word is pretty offensive to a lot of people but at my son's annual grade school Holiday Concert the C-word was flyin' like dishes in a domestic dispute and no one complained and the world didn't end.

I'm not talking about THAT C-word; you know, the vulgar and hilarious term for a girls cock-socket. I'm talking about that word that so many schools have banned...CHRISTMAS.

I HATE how the word Christmas has been under attack in recent years. Let me be clear in the fact that I am NOT religious nor do I give a rip about the God aspect of Christmas. December 24th and 25th were simply about toys to kid ugdork and simply about booze and food to adult ugdork which is probably why I get upset with athiests (I am one) and politically correct faggots who are offended by the C'mas-word.

I heard the story of the kid who was suspended for wishing his classmates Merry cunt... er.. I mean Christmes or the other kid who was suspended for drawing dead Jesus and it made me want to yell, "Is everyone fucking insane?" Who cares? Happy Halloween or Happy Groundhog Day. Who cares?

I live just north of Liberal Seattle where you would expect the PC fags to have their Holiday-dar tuned to detect the slightest utterances of anything Christian in a public school but at the concert, not only did the principal open by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, the kids sang songs like "12 Days of Christmas," "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," and even "Silent Night." (Done vocally and in sign language because we have to have SOME politically corectness) and no one was offended and the A.C.L.U. didn't sue.

 So, Merry Christmas, all you eBaumers out there. Remember when you all are chilling on your day off this Friday: It's not becuse of Kwanza, Eid al-Adha, or any other fake holiday. Your ass is home drinking and eating because of the cunt who died on the cross for you. Peace, oh brothers and good cheer to all!

Uploaded 12/23/2009
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