The cat who pooped out another cat

There was a cat sitting on a bench, and then it got up and started walking. Then it hopped off the bench because it didn't want to be on it anymore. The cat hopped off the bench and started walking towards a house, but it wasn't just any house because it was its house. So the cat went and then it got inside the house because the cats owner opened up the door and let it in. It was very happy because it was outside before but now it was inside. 

So then the cat went into the house and then it was hungry. After it was hungry for a while it wanted to go back outside to catch a mouse to eat. The owner let the cat outside but the cat couldn't catch a mouse because it already caught all the mouses. So then it was still hungry and it went inside again because its owner let it inside again and then it ate some food. After it ate the food it wasn't hungry anymore so it laid down to sleep.

The cat slept and slept for a long time before it woke up again. The cat woke up and felt like it had to go to the bathroom so it went to the litter box. After it went to the litter box it began to take a poop but instead of poop, another cat came out. The cat pooped another cat for some reason. 


The End

Uploaded 08/17/2010
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