The Charm of the Bad.

I had always wondered why it was, people of every stripe, admired the bad guy. In the movies, they were always portrayed as charming people with an abundance of cool characteristics. They usually had good looks or a tough facade  that made women swoon. They always had a great wit or a strong presence that controlled every possible situation. 

Yet, they were the criminal, from Jesse James to Bonnie and Clyde to Al Capone, all born killers and people loved them. As they were portrayed, in booklets, magazines, comics and finally movies, they became cult heroes as the bad people who murdered others for money or some other selfish reason.

What causes this odd cultural clash, that in one breath condemns the thief, the killer  and the gangster and in another cheers them on as though they are heroes of great virtue? Yes, a lot of it has to do with the romantic notion of adventure, being the bad ass controlling his or her own environment. But,  many of these people cold heartedly killed innocent people. How the hell is that in any way admirable? It's as though, if you had the good looks of Katie Holmes and the charm of Eddie Murphy, you could stab a baby through the eye and it would be all forgotten or "That cryin' bitch deserved it".

It wasn't long ago another blogger on here bragged that she was friends with bank robbers and how her group of friends were upset they were captured. I simply could not understand why some one would brag about such a relationship until I related it to, how people actually like the bad guys.

Most of the hot chicks I knew as a young man, always fucked the assholes, even the ugly ones. This was always confusing to me, because deep inside, I don't want to be an asshole, but in most cases I had to pretend or no happy endings for me.  You can't hide your emotions for long if your a softy like me and most of those relationships ended poorly and abruptly, but in later years I heard through old friends, that a few of those ladies now pined for me. 

The best I can make of it, is we're all assholes, thieves, and killers and the most successful ones get the booty, bounty and the fame, while the failures get the whores, jail time and disgraced.

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