The Climatologist

About ten years ago I had a service call to the Campus of the University of Ottawa, not Tomlet's world famous East Anglican University, who's motto is "In Gore We Trust". I was asked to go to the student services office to meet my contact. It is a big campus so I asked a few students and a couple of older people if they could give me directions. The students eyes were all glazed over, their responses slow and labored. They didn't have a clue of where or even what I was asking. The older people just scurried off dismissively. I saw what appeared to be Rod Serling smoking a cigarette muttering something.

I go up the stairs to the main floor. I always get suspicious of centers for learning when I have to go up the stairs to get to the main floor. I see a Tim Hortons, and a Subway store. In an open area there is a dimly lit room with walls of windows all around. The sign on the door says "Student Services". The door is locked and no one is inside. So I decided to circumnavigate the room and check out the other offices.

The first room was the Homosexual Resource Center, beside that was the Muslim Prayer Room. Across from them I found the University Office for the Communist Party of Canada. Further down was The Center for Minorities and Peoples of Color. The last office I found tucked away in the corner was the Womens Resource Center with a bulletin board that gave information about a lecture called, " The Brutality of the Male in Today's Society". In shock I turn around and see Rod Serling wink at me.

Someone who appears to be my contact unlocks the Student Services room and I follow. My contact is an attractive older women and she wants me to renovate a small office in the building. During the renovation we had some discussions about the University. We got along well together so I asked her what her work at the University was. She told me she was a climatologist and was working on research in regards to "global warming" as it was originally called.

Back then I was skeptical of such a theory, after the theory of "global cooling" in the seventies was such a flop. Feeling comfortable and more familiar with her I said, "Oh you are one of those scientist who are trying to receive grant money for a fake cause". She was stunned by my statement, at first glared at me and said, "well thank you for showing no respect for our work." Then her eyes fell to the floor in embarrassment and said, " but of course you are right. We have to take on the studies that provide us with funding."

At that time I didn't know about carbon credits and all the eco taxes the world governments were going to unleash upon the people and economies of the western world. Now that I do, I won't fall for it. It's hack science designed to control economies and populations as a directive of the UN.

The money that is being spent to try and convince us of "global climate change", is not research money, it is in fact a financial investment on behalf of government and industry. They are hoping to reap giant returns on the backs of the Western world. Our fore fathers and mothers worked hard and fought hard to build our countries, don't let these elitist scum destroy it.


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