The Concept of God and Why Man is Doomed!

What is God? Some kind of supernatural force that has dominion over the universe? If God does exist, then  of course, but if he does not, then  there are still forces that exist that have unexplained dominion over the universe. We can attribute them, yet unidentified, as some undiscovered scientific force or we can bow down to those things we do not yet understand. 

The distinction is important, because science by definition limits itself to sub groups until new sub groups are identified, categorised and peered reviewed. The jump to God state within our current understanding is far beyond our reach at this time. Like all concepts it still has relevance as even the most astute thinkers take time to argue against it or for it. 

Even if a supernatural being does not exist, do things at some point exist beyond our capacity to comprehend? Of course, they do, other wise what would be the point of our existence if not to move forward in our understanding of the very nature of the universe? Why do we continue? Why are our innate personalities in  a constant conflict of questions and answers beyond that for which we have no answers, and very little understanding? 

Is this strife for understanding the God Head? Do we limit ourselves to complete the further exploration of realms yet unexplored by distinguishing any concept of God, just because we have no ability to identify, categorise or peer review him?  

Man is not doomed as long as someone, even just one person, continues to contemplate the existence of God, assuming God exists. As soon as no one even considers it, then the universe will implode, because it's existence  will have no relevance.

Uploaded 07/30/2012
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